Trust in the process: week 1, day 6

Thursdays are cross training. I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted these days to look like, as I currently don't have a bike or gym membership or easy access to a rowing machine or something of the like. Then I remembered I accidentally bought myself trail shoes, so... ...I'm going "all-terrain" for … Continue reading Trust in the process: week 1, day 6

Back on my feet: week 1, day 1

I finally did it. I'll be honest; I'm been complaining a lot the past several months about my life. About my fitness level and lack of physical activity. I was getting out there, but I wasn't motivated. I was headed to a dark place that I was all too familiar with, and the only way … Continue reading Back on my feet: week 1, day 1

2014 in 365 words

An unbearably rough start. An incredible 26-mile victory. Facing pain and beginning a journey of letting go. Creating new memories through celebrating the Lunar New Year the local way. An involuntary sabbath. Finding stability through maintaining physical strength. 8 weeks of counseling that changed my life. Rediscovering independence through shedding unhealthy layers of dependence. Rowing … Continue reading 2014 in 365 words

The Proof of Progress & An Identity Reminder

I had a terrible and dark moment¬†with jealousy today.¬† I've experienced many of these moments. In fact, I've experienced a whole season of darkness and jealousy that began to eat at my soul and threatened to destroy life. It would have, too, if I hadn't fought back. I even discovered a personal history with jealousy; … Continue reading The Proof of Progress & An Identity Reminder