Grace, grace, terrible grace

My initial thoughts after reading the first chapter of Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson. I am in TERRIBLE need of grace every. Single. Day. Grace is a terrible thing. Grace drives me to silence before God's throne when I just want to lead … Continue reading Grace, grace, terrible grace

Rest, stretch, n’ roll: week 1, day 2

Like any good training schedule, I have two rest days built into mine. I learned a long time ago that effective rest for an athlete involved a lot more than sitting on the couch and eating all the things while watching TV or playing video games - thought it need not exclude those things!!! I … Continue reading Rest, stretch, n’ roll: week 1, day 2

Back on my feet: week 1, day 1

I finally did it. I'll be honest; I'm been complaining a lot the past several months about my life. About my fitness level and lack of physical activity. I was getting out there, but I wasn't motivated. I was headed to a dark place that I was all too familiar with, and the only way … Continue reading Back on my feet: week 1, day 1

31天之尋找智慧 (31 Days of Wisdom): Day 4 & 5

Proverbs 箴言 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. 你要保守你心,勝過保守一切因為一生的果效,是由心發出。 To me, most things that happen in life are a matter of the heart. Call it what you will, psychological well-being, emotional wellness, peace of the soul, but it always boils down to the human heart. Everything we … Continue reading 31天之尋找智慧 (31 Days of Wisdom): Day 4 & 5

A Tribute of Thanks

Thank you, God, for all the big things and the little things, for all the successes and the failures, for the beautiful and the ugly, the frustrating and the fulfilling. Thank you for life and death and for dealing it out justly. Thank you for all the moments of color and the moments of dullness. … Continue reading A Tribute of Thanks

confessions of a depressed mind: going it alone

Training for the marathon I ran back in January had me in great physical shape, though I was completely bent out of shape emotionally by depression. Before I ran my marathon, I was struggling with a lot of hurt triggered by the fact that most of my close friends here in Taipei were not going … Continue reading confessions of a depressed mind: going it alone

Sacrifice and Practice

February 13 was Ash Wednesday. The season of Lent has not been something I was necessarily raised to recognize or have consistently been in tune with throughout the years, but recently, through the positive influence of close friends, I have grown more aware of the profound impact these weeks leading up to Resurrection Sunday have … Continue reading Sacrifice and Practice