The Promise of Easter Sunday

With death comes the promise of new life. With sadness comes the promise of restored joy. With pain and sickness comes the promise of healing.  That is the promise of Easter morning - the promise of hope despite the present difficulties and tribulations. The apostles and the rest of Jesus' followers and friends waited; they … Continue reading The Promise of Easter Sunday

Twas the Day After Christmas

   My own studio apartment to decorate, finding real potted Christmas trees at the grocery store, kindergarten Christmas program at school, Christmas pancakes for my small group, a weekend full of Christmas bustle at church, planning Aroma's first "children's Christmas program", a Christmas-themed book club-like gathering, Christmas Eve treats, Christmas movies, Christmas Day, working on … Continue reading Twas the Day After Christmas

forward motion: a miracle

You know how some things just don't go how you want them to go? And you spend so much time fighting it, trying to change it, trying to win a battle you've, in reality, already lost. You come to the point when you just have to accept it. Accepting it is the only thing left … Continue reading forward motion: a miracle

Me: locked in. Jesus: broke in.

It was the end of my first week out of counseling. It had been really rough. It was like everything I would normally have my counseling session to hash out at had come to the surface and punched me in the face. It was all I could do to hang on to the few moments … Continue reading Me: locked in. Jesus: broke in.