confessions of a depressed mind: going it alone

Training for the marathon I ran back in January had me in great physical shape, though I was completely bent out of shape emotionally by depression. Before I ran my marathon, I was struggling with a lot of hurt triggered by the fact that most of my close friends here in Taipei were not going … Continue reading confessions of a depressed mind: going it alone

forward motion: a miracle

You know how some things just don't go how you want them to go? And you spend so much time fighting it, trying to change it, trying to win a battle you've, in reality, already lost. You come to the point when you just have to accept it. Accepting it is the only thing left … Continue reading forward motion: a miracle


I've come to realize that I was not called to be silent.┬áLet me explain before those who know me start laughing out loud. Sometimes I'm under the impression that all my thinking entitles me to a certain right of silence about my experiences and ideas, especially the crazy ones that I seem to be eternally … Continue reading I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES