And my baby was born…

I am 12 weeks out from the most... ...painful? ...profound? ...physical? ...powerful? experience of my life: the birth of my daughter Clarissa Rose. Don't get me wrong - it was beautiful. It was also unbelievable. I am still struggling to get my mind around two things: one, that baby came out of me and two,... Continue Reading →


Prayer & Parenting

Prayer. Keeping up a consistent prayer life has always been a struggle. I've always found myself attempting different things - prayer journals, iPhone note prayers, prayer meetings, prayer requests written in a notebook. The Apostle Paul, in I Thessalonians 5:17, calls us to "pray without ceasing," as if it's supposed to be natural, like breathing.... Continue Reading →

menu of emotion: frustration for breakfast, anger for lunch, & guilt for dinner

I was almost having a surreal experience this morning as all my reading from two different parenting books and the Gospel of Mark began honing in on one profound theme: self control.  It was so clear, so cut and dry, yet so humbling and difficult to swallow.  In her book, Yell Less Love More, where... Continue Reading →

On Writing: Let’s Talk About Outlines, aka TIME FOR A SHOUT OUT

On my post for writers to post their questions, Victoria Crowley of asked: “Outlines. Let’s talk about outlines. How can outlines can be a useful tool for writing a book? And what’s the best way to use them?” Outlines. Outlines are like a warm heater in a cold cabin after coming in from the... Continue Reading →

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