from single to step-mom


(the hashtag I have chosen to describe my new life)

Yes, the journey I am sharing here started on tinder. No, the story I am writing is not all about finding “the one” by swiping right.

It’s about how I went from single to step-mom in one fell swoop and how this very unexpected turn of events some how set me back on track. 

It’s taken me almost a year to finally find the words to publicly share.  When an experience or tragedy is so fresh, it is sometimes best to let it sit a while before subjecting to description and paragraphs. Like wine, some stories simply get better with age.

So I invite you to read my words, interact with my thoughts, and follow my story.

I will be writing progressively; available pieces will appear here (and in the drop menu under “FROM SINGLE TO STEP-MOM”) as they are completed:

> blood & biology

>> what’s love got to do with it? (got to do with it, got to do with it)

>>> peace-making