9 weeks ago

9 weeks ago, I officially got sick and tired of all the Netflix I was watching and how unmotivated and unfit I was feeling about my life as a mom. So I decided to give myself the gift of fitness, and sure enough on my 32nd birthday two days ago I was fit enough to … Continue reading 9 weeks ago

Trust in the process: week 1, day 6

Thursdays are cross training. I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted these days to look like, as I currently don't have a bike or gym membership or easy access to a rowing machine or something of the like. Then I remembered I accidentally bought myself trail shoes, so... ...I'm going "all-terrain" for … Continue reading Trust in the process: week 1, day 6

Rest, stretch, n’ roll: week 1, day 2

Like any good training schedule, I have two rest days built into mine. I learned a long time ago that effective rest for an athlete involved a lot more than sitting on the couch and eating all the things while watching TV or playing video games - thought it need not exclude those things!!! I … Continue reading Rest, stretch, n’ roll: week 1, day 2

Back on my feet: week 1, day 1

I finally did it. I'll be honest; I'm been complaining a lot the past several months about my life. About my fitness level and lack of physical activity. I was getting out there, but I wasn't motivated. I was headed to a dark place that I was all too familiar with, and the only way … Continue reading Back on my feet: week 1, day 1

Personal Rewards System

I have this huge jar of "Chocolates of the World." It was one of my Christmas presents. The serving size is 3 pieces, at 210 calories per serving. That's right, I count calories. These last two weeks, I was on "cleanse" diet, complete with fiber pills, probiotics, vitamins and and dietary restrictions which prevented me … Continue reading Personal Rewards System