The Promise of Easter Sunday

With death comes the promise of new life. With sadness comes the promise of restored joy. With pain and sickness comes the promise of healing.  That is the promise of Easter morning - the promise of hope despite the present difficulties and tribulations. The apostles and the rest of Jesus' followers and friends waited; they … Continue reading The Promise of Easter Sunday

The Challenge: Day 1

For someone like me, dumping a bucket of ice water on my head or eating a ball of wasabi isn't a challenge. It's easy, and it's fun; and it puts me in the center of attention. I do that kind of stuff on a dare. I don't find it challenging at all. But when I'm … Continue reading The Challenge: Day 1

Me: locked in. Jesus: broke in.

It was the end of my first week out of counseling. It had been really rough. It was like everything I would normally have my counseling session to hash out at had come to the surface and punched me in the face. It was all I could do to hang on to the few moments … Continue reading Me: locked in. Jesus: broke in.


I've come to realize that I was not called to be silent. Let me explain before those who know me start laughing out loud. Sometimes I'm under the impression that all my thinking entitles me to a certain right of silence about my experiences and ideas, especially the crazy ones that I seem to be eternally … Continue reading I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES

part four, The Miracle

And then it happened; life came full circle. It normally does this for me. Sometimes I see it; sometimes a close friend has to point it out for me. This time, it happened right around New Year's and knee problems. (Some of you may think you already know where this is going.) If you follow me … Continue reading part four, The Miracle

A miracle, part three

Not long after graduating from college, I left the country. One of my spiritual experiences during college had been a missions trip to Taiwan. I did this right after my freshmen year of college ended before going home for the summer, the only summer I did go home during college. Those ten days or so in … Continue reading A miracle, part three

A miracle, part two

I headed off to college in the fall of 2005. I was packed and ready to go, in every sense of the word. Even though I had been ready for college since kindergarten, it was still an emotional parting with my family when it was finally time for them to leave me in the state of … Continue reading A miracle, part two

A miracle, part one

Those of you who know me understand how I operate intellectually. You may also be familiar with the way I operate spiritually. Growing up in a home where all I ever knew was God, the Bible, Sunday School, and church songs (both traditional and nontraditional), I have come through a journey of battling with extremes. … Continue reading A miracle, part one