I like closure just as much as I like boundaries. I also enjoy order and organization and experience minor bouts of frustration and anxiety when my expectations aren't met.  I hate not finishing anything, but it's been a few weeks - months now? - since I've picked up Yell Less, Love More or How to Deal with Your... Continue Reading →


home sweet home

It's the age-old interrogative sentence that haunts all of at some point, no matter how physically far away we are from "home." And where is home exactly? Today in social studies, I warned my students that after the lesson they were going to want to leave America and travel the world for the rest of their... Continue Reading →

Christmas: tradition, atmosphere, and the human spirit

You may already be aware that I moved abroad weeks after graduating from college to Taiwan, a country where Chinese New year, not Christmas, is the time of year everyone culturally looks forward to for vacation, travel, and family. As a result, in the last 6 years, being home in America for Christmas has only happened... Continue Reading →

Into the Wilderness

Into the Wild is one of my favorite movies.  The film's nihilistically artistic feel triggers that human longing of wanderlust, and through McCandless we vicariously experience an escape from the world of disillusionment and materialism. But that's not why I love the film. A lot of us, like McCandless, want something more, something that we can't find at Target or... Continue Reading →

Twas the Day After Christmas

   My own studio apartment to decorate, finding real potted Christmas trees at the grocery store, kindergarten Christmas program at school, Christmas pancakes for my small group, a weekend full of Christmas bustle at church, planning Aroma's first "children's Christmas program", a Christmas-themed book club-like gathering, Christmas Eve treats, Christmas movies, Christmas Day, working on... Continue Reading →

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