didn’t expect this

Nobody said it was easyIt's such a shame for us to partNobody said it was easyNo one ever said it would be this hardOh, take me back to the start-Coldplay



You need nothing from others, only God. That's what they said to her. It had brought so much joy and pain to her spirit to hear that. She needed to be independent. Why was it so hard, then, to completely detach herself from the world around her, all the people, all the experiences, all the desires? … Continue reading independence

silver silence

It was happening to her again. Her words were stuck in her head and the silence that was coming out was not golden. There were so many things she wanted to say, so many more questions she wanted to ask, but she held them inside. She couldn't tell if she was holding these thoughts back intentionally … Continue reading silver silence


The stars had completely aligned with fate. She sat, in a perfect state of contentment, surrounded by love.This was the meaning of friendship. This was the meaning of life. This was the inspiration everyone needed for the power to live each day of their lives. It came from this.From moving forward.From being bold.From opening up.From … Continue reading connection


Suddenly, she wasn't feeling very strong. She was wavering, depending on too many things. Independence had become the destination of the journey she was on. She looked out the window, through the glass, into the world beyond. This was still where she lived. This was still her life.She let out a sharp sigh. It was time … Continue reading inadequacy


She had never fully experienced this before. Living in this tension, living with a constant complication ever before her. This was now her life.She stopped walking and looked at earth below. She had ascended to quite the height in her trek. Being up this high helped her to forget. To forget...things. The snow-capped mountains were … Continue reading tension


He drew her in. She came closer and closer. As the distance between Him and her decreased, the air around her grew warmer, brighter. She needed to close her eyes if she was to go on. And on she went, because she knew He would not hurt her.Suddenly her face felt wet. As she brought her … Continue reading closer

passing through

She was passing through new worlds, yet at the same time they were all familiar. All of her experiences were new. Some of her moments were shared. Others solo. Her colors were changing. They always did when she passed through other worlds. Her experiences reminded of her long lost truth, of certainties she was no longer … Continue reading passing through

reruns… or not

She had been here before, hadn't she? Then why did it look so different? She couldn't recall any familiar impression, any familiar memory. She didn't even remember how she arrived and left the first time. It must not be the same place. It must not be the same place.But if it was the same place, then … Continue reading reruns… or not

unexpectations (the task, II)

The task was complete. It was behind her, just another piece of her history. And before her lied a completely unexpected journey.In a sense, this had been where she was standing along. She had never really abandoned her initial position in life. Her position of love and peace and happiness. Though sometimes these things were … Continue reading unexpectations (the task, II)