9 weeks ago

9 weeks ago, I officially got sick and tired of all the Netflix I was watching and how unmotivated and unfit I was feeling about my life as a mom. So I decided to give myself the gift of fitness, and sure enough on my 32nd birthday two days ago I was fit enough to run 5 miles and push myself physically in other activities.

9 weeks ago I bought myself a birthday present: new running shoes and registration for the Evergreen 5-miler. Today, I got to “unwrap” that gift and am feelling so blessed and grateful to have come so far in my postpartum fitness journey.

All this running I do isn’t about losing weight, thought that’s a benefit. It’s not about getting skinny, though I sometimes still yearn for my pre-pregnancy pants size. It’s not even all about the miles I’m running!

It’s about being strong enough to push myself to reach a goal. To get something done. To work through the difficulty because I know the end is in sight or that the reward will be worth it. It’s about wanting something that requires work to obtain. AND THAT APPLIES TO ABOUT EVERYTHING IN LIFE.

Becoming a mom has thrown me for a loop. But 9 weeks ago, I knew what I needed to do to be that motivated and accomplished and unstoppable person I was before marriage and family.

I needed to run.

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