Rest, stretch, n’ roll: week 1, day 2

Like any good training schedule, I have two rest days built into mine. I learned a long time ago that effective rest for an athlete involved a lot more than sitting on the couch and eating all the things while watching TV or playing video games – thought it need not exclude those things!!!

I started getting lazy about using my foam roller toward the end of my last running chapter and my muscles PAID sorely for it. Now that I’m running postpartum, there is no time for being lazy like that; so I have down on my calendar to stretch and roll on my rest days.

Well, today was a rest day! My body was feeling the mile I ran yesterday. Up until now, I’ve been running intervals so to run a whole mile without stopping was a big accomplishment!

I managed to roll and stretch throughout the day. I had to be intentional and just know that my 15-month-old baby might come and try to dog pile me at any minute. Learning to stretch and roll with her in the picture is going to be my new MO on my rest days. (I just shamelessly and recently learned that MO stands for mode of operation.)

Apps and things

Behind me are the days of the Nike running app. I used it for all my runs before, but now that I have a smart watch, I’ve branched out to other tracking apps. The one I am using now is Strava, and I love it because it will track a lot more than just running.

And I will say, it is so much nicer running with a watch and not having to track the run on my phone!

Running another mile tomorrow! Can’t wait.

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