Welcome to the MOMATHON! This is the race that you start the moment you go into labor with your baby child. Unlike other races you may have run in the past, this was one is not measured by kilometers or miles; it’s measured first by minutes, then days, then weeks, then months, then years! No matter how thorough or minimal your pre-race training may have been, you’re in for an unpredictable ride to the finish line!

Each mom in this race determines her own finish line. Let it be known that crossing the finish line by no means completes the participant’s motherhood. It has been said, “once a mom, always a mom,” though “momming” can theoretically come to an end. The finish line of the momathon is characterized by a more abstract completion, an accomplishment that happens on the mother’s part, that no one else may even see or comprehend.

Some examples of these finish lines could be some of the following:

  • potty trained
  • first day of kindergarten
  • first job
  • passing a driver’s test
  • high school graduation
  • college
  • moving out
  • wedding day
  • baby announcement
  • starting a new business
  • receiving national or international recognition
  • a letter

Let it be noted that these theoretical “finish lines” not only feel far off when you’re going into labor but are also milestones that may serve as “mini finish lines” during the race. As a participant, you essentially chart your own course. But fear not! You are most definitely not alone.

The MOMATHON does not issue or sponsor any physical trophy or prize of any kind. The fruit of each participant’s labor is quite apparent; some participants may find themselves simultaneously running multiple courses. It’s a mom thing.

One of the unique things about this race is that you may find yourself crossing the finish line in a completely different shape then when you began. Some go from good to bad, others actually improve along the way. Each course is different, so fitness level and stamina is ultimately determined by the participant.

The individual nature of a MOMATHON has been underestimated time and time again. This has been indicated by all the books and instruction manuals and “types” and medically approved methods that are pedaled at our participants. We allow no sponsorship on the course; the only true sponsor of MOMATHON is motherhood itself, the spirit of which is embodied by mothers all over the world, the very people who run this race.

So welcome to the MOMATHON! You will never run another race like it. Good luck, and may your reach your finish line a happier, stronger, and kinder person than when you started.

Now, GO!

(Oh, and let it be noted that you will not all begin running this race at the same time. 😊)

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