easy money

This is a true story.

Have you ever been scammed? I mean, like completely fell for something that wasn’t real and then found yourself robbed at the end of the day.

I almost did. It was months ago. I was trying to sell my hair. I found out that my hair was really valuable, that it could actually earn a pretty penny for my family. So I did some research, found some free online sites, and put up an ad for my hair.

The responses I got were encouraging. People wanted to buy my hair! I’ll have to admit that the communication style I was getting felt a little strange, but I plowed through. We needed the money! One guy made me an offer but wanted the hair that was STILL on my head in addition to what I was already selling. I had to turn him down.

Then there was the transaction that got as far as me holding a check for almost $2,000 in my hands. My family thought I was crazy. Why had I even given out a mailing address to someone who was only communicating to me via text? Why did this guy even have my number in the first place?

We needed the money.

I’ll admit I was torn. The whole thing felt weird, a little too good to be true even. All I had to do was cash the check, right? And that money would be mine.

Maybe it was my lack of adulting experience stateside. I had barely been back in the States for 2 years. I didn’t know how things worked. Maybe it was because I wanted to believe the best about people.

But I know what it really was: we needed the money.

I felt desperate. Desperate enough to be fooled by a check who’s credentials didn’t even match the identify of the guy who had contacted me, that was written by a company that didn’t even have a physical address, that came in a package that didn’t even bear the same address as the check.

I was desperate, not stupid. So of course after the whole scenario was broken down and dissected by my family, I handed the check over to the bank as fraudulent. Even as I explained the situation to the bankers, I could see in their faces that I had been scammed.

Flash forward to a week ago. I get a phone call from a man who tells me I’ve been selected to be the recipient of a $10,200 personal grant from the government, an amount of money I’ll never have to pay back or pay taxes on. Would I like the money, which was being held in the federal reserve for me, to be transferred to a bank account, card, or have in my hand as cash at the nearest Western Union store?

After some very brief post-phone call research, I discovered I wasn’t special even to receive such a phone call from the government. These phone calls were only made…by scammers.

I’ll admit, though, that I almost gave him my bank information. I thought about marching over to the nearest Western Union and following all the instructions he gave me over the phone. I mean, I went through with the phone call, inquired as to the authenticity of it, and just went with it. I didn’t hang up on the guy.

$10,200 (as arbitrary as the “200” part is) would change my family’s life.

Again, we needed the money.

I was desperate enough to stay on the phone, write down the instructions, and get butterflies in my stomach at the prospect of simply being given such a large amount of money. But I wasn’t stupid enough to follow through with my desperate yet momentary belief.

Scammers every where have a profound and emotional stronghold on those of us who need money. Who hang on paycheck to paycheck. Who try to hide the fact that we’re checking our bank accounts on our phones while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Scammers play on our desperation.

I’m done being desperate. I’m done being in constant need of more and decreasing the food budget so we can pay the month’s bills.

I’m not saying that money solves all of life’s problems and brings happiness. I am saying that there is a problem when a stay-at-home-mom like me, who has plenty of work experience, has even lived abroad, can speak two languages, and is a very gifted and passionate teacher, feels like her family is barely making ends meet WHEN WE LIVE IN ONE OF THE WEALTHIEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. And my husband, who works the full time job, still drives for LYFT late at night not for EXTRA income, but to supplement our income. Because we’re not making enough.

No wonder scammers hit my soft spot! We need the money!

Unfortunately, that check I held in my hand months ago was fake. Had I cashed it, I would have been robbed, not to mention being suspected by the bank for just possessing the check in the first place. Unfortunately, the $10,200 that man on the phone offered me doesn’t exist.


Why? Why should fake money even be a temptation when there is so much REAL MONEY to be had out there in the world? Why is fake money so easy to jump at, but making real money sounds scary – and possibly even difficult?

I consider cashing a fraudulent check, but I chicken out at the prospect of talking to people about making REAL MONEY.

Easy money is not real money. It does not make you a better person, or teach you how to budget, or challenge you to be financially independent, or empower you to help others. Easy money is fake and is usually always too good to be true anyway.

REAL MONEY, for some reason, always sounds too good to be true. And we always doubt it, like there’s some catch that will just cost us more in the end. What we seem to forget is that REAL MONEY TAKES WORK.

Real money is the stuff you earn through innovation, creativity, late-night work sessions, sweat, tears, and time. And when you make it, it changes everything and drives you to make more. And you are worth every cent you earned.

You can show up at a job and get paid. That’s real money, too. But being paid by the hour or the month is not the same thing as being paid according to how hard you work.

As a teacher with big dreams for my future, this was a challenging reality. No matter how good of a teacher I am, how many students love me, how many students succeed and improve and excel under me, I will always be paid the same.

And the thing is, I never taught for the money. I want to help people, but somehow I need to help myself financially as well.

So when a scammer calls with easy money, I answer. That’s a scary place to be.

A company that offers a $1000, $5000, $7500, $10000, $15000, $25000, $50000 bonus for the first time in its history – is that a scam? Or is that real money waiting to be made?

It’s real. I know it’s real because I’ve talked to the women who went after this money, worked hard day in and day out for it, and retired their husbands with it.

THAT SOUNDS INSANE. But it’s real, not easy. And it’s a possibility for ANYONE AND EVERYONE who will go after it. And put in the work.

I don’t know if I’ll retire my husband one day, but I do plan on working hard enough so that my husband doesn’t need to call me about buying a coffee. So that I don’t feel guilty for wanting to sit at a coffee shop and journal for an afternoon. So that a little thing like my google storage payment of $2.99 doesn’t get declined. So that there’s more than $50 sitting in our bank accounts at all times.

Again, I’m not saying that money is everything. I’m saying that too many of us are desperate and need money to the point of being scammed. It’s not right. We live in America, the land of opportunity.

I have found this opportunity through It Works, a company that is offering real money to anyone willing to work for it. People who are completely broke grab on to this opportunity, and they’re no longer broke. Someone went after this opportunity in a homeless shelter and completely changed their life.

People literally become millionaires with this company – and it’s not because they’ve managed to climb to the top of some pyramid where all the cash is. It’s because they’re getting paid according to their work ethic.

It’s because they’re putting in the work. They are helping people. They’re coaching and supporting others to get on board and earn real money for themselves.

You can’t fly solo and be successful with It Works. You have to build yourself up so that you can build others up, because this kind of success starts on the inside. It starts with how you feel about yourself.

Those who dream big and believe their dreams are possible get there. A single mom of 5 buys her dream after 4 years of hard work. And she’s not finished.

Now I’ll be completely honest. I’ve been with this company for almost a year, and I have nothing to show for it because I didn’t do the work. I’ve been stuck in that desperate mode, where fraudulent checks and fake grants are tempting.

I’ve finally come around to see what this can be be for my family. This isn’t a fraudulent check or a nonexistent personal grant from the government. This is real money.

And I’ve been watching real lives of real people that I have real conversations with being changed.

It’s my turn. This is my month. And I want anyone who feels like they can’t afford this venture to join me. Work with me. Because this isn’t a scam; it’s real, and it will change your life.

Money doesn’t wait around for you to make it in this business. You either make it or you don’t.

I’m gonna make it.


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