Why I love being a teacher in the 21st century

I’ve been out of the classroom scene for 6 months, but now that I’ve jumped back in one thing is certain: I love teaching

 It’s so rejuvenating  to be reminded of what you love to do. The noise of the daily grind and pressure of tight schedules can drown out the song of the things we care about.

 I also happen to love technology, and this is why I love being a teacher in the 21st century.

You see, technology is a whole lot more than cool inventions. Technology has taken society to a whole new level of “speak,” “engage,” and “interact.” My generation takes online communication and photo uploads for granted, and some of us have even patiently walked our own parents through the maze of social networking and opening a facebook account.

Online anything is no longer a modern novelty and we expect an app for everything. Technology has become a way of life that all of us may pay for later, but for right now productivity is the priority.

And teaching in this age of technology is just fun.

Here are three reasons teaching in the 21st century is so awesome:

Your students understand all your hashtag jokes. If Johnny with the attention deficit disorder is looking bored, hashtag boredom. (Hashtag is a verb!) NOT guaranteed to work every time, but you get the idea. As an experiment, I wrote # on the white board and asked my students what they saw and the instant response was hashtag. #hashtag

Kids no longer blink twice (or at all for that matter!) at touch screens and iPads and tablets and instinctively know what to do if you hand them one. You can actually trust kids with your fancy devices, especially if they’re already in education mode! I find it fascinating how the way we access the world continues to evolve as technology progresses, and as a teacher I get to witness this change firsthand.

Researching is fun. Sending a kid on an online mission is like sending a kid on a treasure hunt. “Google” is already embedded in their minds as a verb. It’s an actual place where you can find anything. And it lets them practice their typing skills! Since most homes now have internet access, an online assignment can be the key to getting students excited about their homework.

For me, teaching and technology is a match made in educational heaven. And I really am happy to be teaching again. It’s not for forever! But for now, I love it.

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