Comparison is toxic. It brings about jealousy, which is like poison penetrating your bones. Once something has penetrated your bones, it affects your movement; and the way you move suddenly becomes indicative of the toxin that has permeated the system. It also keeps you from doing certain things without great anger or pain, such as smiling, saying thank you, helping other people reach their dreams, or having general happiness for you neighbor’s welfare.

The truth is, I am an invaluable individual. We all are. As soon as we start comparing one to the other, we became mere merchandise, lined up on shelves for retail. Inventory and profit take priority over uniqueness. Being different doesn’t matter, nor does being yourself; you just need to be better. You need to win.

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mark wrote in his Gospel.

Inventory and profit, being better, winning the game – these things don’t take our souls into account. They don’t give us the benefit of the doubt. They don’t listen to the excuses: “I’m tired today so my performance was a little worse than yesterday.” “I’m busier than normal right now, so I didn’t get everything finished today.” They don’t listen to the apologies: “I’m sorry I forgot today was your birthday!” They only see the people who did remember, those who won.

This is not how human souls interact with each other. The beauty and grace of existence is that my soul is loved, no matter how good or bad a person I am at the moment. That people care for me, whether or not I show I care for them.

And if we can truly grasp the truth of our invaluable existence, all comparisons will die away. Alas, we can finally wash the toxins from our lives. 


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