A Tribute of Thanks

Thank you, God, for all the big things and the little things, for all the successes and the failures, for the beautiful and the ugly, the frustrating and the fulfilling. Thank you for life and death and for dealing it out justly. Thank you for all the moments of color and the moments of dullness. Thank you for what each days reveals to us about ourselves, each other and you.

Thank you that even when we don’t see you, you’re there. Thank you for dreams and how they pull us forward, regardless of whether not they come true. Thank you for knowing us, for knowing the desires of our heart and not withholding them from us. Thank you for the pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Thank you for pain and comfort, for weakness and strength.

Thank you for granting us a multi-layered existence, for language and emotions and psychology and spirituality and sexuality and intellect and culture. Thank you for our physical forms that allow us to experience our world aesthetically and through our senses, forming a relationship with everything around us.

Thank you for the people who accompany us in life, thank you for the people who, most days, we take for granted. Thank you for the friendly faces and the mean faces, the quiet and the loud voices, the affectionate and the spartan. Thank you for putting in all of us a need for the other person.

Thank you for my conscience, for instilling in me a sense of when things are right and when things are wrong. Thank you for allowing peace when all is well but also allowing restlessness and sometimes anger when all is not. Thank you for the sense of justice you’ve impressed in our souls. Thank you for the ability to feel both the familiar and the unfamiliar and for what our reactions to these things teach us.

Thank you for the elated joy I felt when I learned how to ride a bike. Thank you for the anger I felt when I witnessed fellow students fighting. Thank you for the utter sadness I felt when my pet dog died. Thank you that there are always more opportunities to constantly learn and feel and then relearn all of it through another lens.

Thank you for weaving all of these together and giving us life, a living and breathing stream of existence in this universe, one day at a time.

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