A moment of expression

Upon getting back home one afternoon, I found myself in dire need of a moment of thankfulness as well as some creative expression, so I spent an hour making this. The words you will hear are by Walt Whitman which I copied down in my journal a few years ago. I called these words “words of brilliance and inspiration to read and re-read again.” While I was re-reading these words, I found myself overwhelmed with the need to give thanks. So I illustrated them with moments from my life, moments that reminded of all the good and beautiful things I have experienced already. These moments also capture some of (definitely not all) the people who have lit my path along the way.

In this creative moment of thankfulness and reflection, I want to remind myself and share with all of you that it’s not over. That every time we look back, we only see a fraction of what is to come. Let that be your hope, and never stop being thankful for all the good things in your life. 


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