The Challenge: Day 3

Sometimes it takes our plans to be completely destroyed for us to discover the Real Plan. It’s in the chaos where humanity can truly see God at work. My minor panic over my wallet was a form of chaos, but forward motion is what keeps our vision focuses on reality. I knew I needed to keep going. The one time I stopped going depression had swept in and almost ruined my life. I knew losing my wallet was only a moment; not letting that moment define me was key.



I’m deep in the mountains of Yilan right now. Today we drive to the trailhead and begin our 4 day hike, so this will be the last online post until Monday. I’ll be sticking to the Positivity Challenge the old fashioned way, on paper.

I’m starting my day by reflecting on these 3 things that I’ve been given in this life:

1. I’m very excited about the new community I’m discovering at school through all the fellow Chinese students. It’s exciting, it feels new and fresh; and I needed a new social scene.

2. I have so many family and friends praying for me all the time back home. They are my life line.

3. The family I have established here in Taiwan at the Aroma and with my dragon boat team can never be replaced. I am surrounded by such supportive and kind people.

With all of these things in mind, there really is no reason for me to lose hope in the midst of chaos.

I think this challenge might be changing my life.

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