The Challenge: Day 2

Nothing went according to plan this last week – nothing. The sequence of stressful situations was to much for me to handle emotionally (I literally started crying when I couldn’t get placed in the Chinese class I wanted because it was full) and I was already trying to get a handle on a brand new daily schedule, so when a lost wallet got thrown on top of everything I was ready to quit. I was finished.

But here’s the thing about this positivity challenge: choosing to be positive in the middle of a crappy situation is an outward expression of forward motion. And forward motion is the ONLY any mess we may land in.

And there’s another thing: all of the things that happen to us in this life are but moments in the scope of eternity. And we choose which of those moments define us. So here I am, still fighting back tears, and I am going to face the challenge of choosing forward motion and letting the good moments in life define me. I will not quit.

1. I pretty much cry every time I receive another message of encouragement from a friend, because they mean everything to me right now. I do have people to turn to, despite of what my pride and bank account and missing wallet all tell me.

2. As of last night due to the generosity and forethought of friends, I actually ended up with more cash than I had BEFORE my wallet disappeared.

3. Today, I am headed out on my first ever hiking and camping trip here in Taiwan. I’ll be trekking above the clouds on 南湖大山, one of the highest peaks on the island, and sleeping under the stars. It’s going to be awesome and I cannot let anything stop me from enjoying every exhausting bit of it.

Here’s to forward motion and letting the good moments define us! I will continue to face this challenge.

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