Part I

Moments missed, moments passed, moments seized
All of them shape who we are at this very moment
A moment of hurt
A moment of triumph
A moment of shame
A moment of love
The moments we want to last forever never do
And the movements we wish would pass never do
A moment is all we ever have
And every time we don’t see that, it’s another moment wasted
A moment shared
A moment alone
A moment of stupidity
A moment of genius
We can never choose when these moments will come to us
What are we left with then, if all we have are these moments that lead us forward to the next?

Part II

When we’re in it, feelings on fire and emotion all we know,
It’s hard to believe the moment will pass.
In fact, many times it’s impossible to even believe there is life outside what were are currently experiencing.
But that is where the resilience of the human soul is stronger than you may realize.
Do not sell yourself out in the moment.
Esau’s moment of hunger cost him his inheritance as the first born son.
In the moment…
Don’t make decisions; just breathe. Let yourself experience the present intensity of your feelings.
Some moments last for seconds, others for hours, still others years. But no matter how long you find yourself with these feelings, don’t give it power.
Because the moments we experience in life do not have the last word. They don’t control our destinies. Life is bigger than the momentary happiness or sadness we experience.
We must take 4 simple words to heart. We must repeat them to each other and repeat them to ourselves: THIS. TOO. SHALL. PASS.
Say it again: this too shall pass.

Even the moments we want to last forever will come to pass. But the passing of present happiness doesn’t mean you’ll be sad the rest of your life. And the moments we feel might end us we must endure, because this to shall pass.

This too shall pass.

Whatever it is right now. THIS. TOO. SHALL. PASS.


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