week 4, day 1: 13 weeks, starting now

This is the beginning of the latest “cycle” I am blogging through: MARATHON TRAINING!


5 kilometers. Sounds reasonable enough, for the first day of marathon training. I ran 11 a couple weeks ago and felt like I could run 15. Wait, MARATHON TRAINING!!!!???? That’s right: I’m training for a marathon.

I’m embarking on this journey a little differently than I thought I would. But quite honestly, most expectations I had for this point in my life have already been shattered, so I’m sure it’s better this way. For starters, I didn’t think I would not want to talk about it, but I don’t. I plan on writing, for 13 weeks, all through my journey to the 26th & 2/10th mile mark, so please follow me (or, if you will, run with me!)

Some of you are already doing the math. The Nanfang Ao Seafood Marathon (the first time for this particular race) is on Sunday, January 12th. Why did I pick this one…

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