You need nothing from others, only God.

That’s what they said to her. It had brought so much joy and pain to her spirit to hear that. She needed to be independent.

Why was it so hard, then, to completely detach herself from the world around her, all the people, all the experiences, all the desires? What did this mean? That she no longer needed people?

Of course, she needed people. She simply needed nothing from people.

This was a message He had etched in her from the beginning, but until now it had been hidden from her. The timing was… perfect. She hated to admit it, but this was exactly what she needed right now, to need nothing from people. 

You are the apple of my eye, He was saying to her. Only I can take care of you.

It couldn’t be true. How could it? Her current desire was not for Him to be the only one to take care of her. She didn’t want this independence.

But this was her original design.

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