When Starbucks doesn’t have hot water…

I’ve heard of these marketing ploys that Starbucks has pulled in the States. Suddenly Starbucks stores everywhere are shut down, but only for three hours. I began to wonder today if in Taiwan they “run out of water” and then throw all their pastry items out front on a table, practically selling them at half price. I’m actually really happy this wasn’t case, as my friend Jamie seriously had our set on getting a latte from Starbucks this morning.

Here’s what happened. 

We get off the bus at the bus stop that is only meters away from the Starbucks on the corner, conveniently located right between our different work places. We find ourselves perusing the sidewalk sale of discounted cookies and croissants and other pastry items. Both of us pick a box of something and then go in to order our coffee.

“Oh, the building doesn’t have hot water right now! Sorry!” is the response I get after I put in my order for the new Asian Dolce Latte on the menu, grande-hot. Jamie and I look at each other. This isn’t going to work. Neither of us are interested in drip coffee or tea. Apparently, the hot-water shortage was only effecting the espresso machine. We purchase our discounted pastry items and walk out of the store.

Thanks to the effective international marketing and growth of the company, Starbucks stores are not few and far between. So we began our walk to another one about 3 blocks away. Upon arrival, we are greeted by the same discounted pastry sale and find ourselves explaining to the lady trying to give us a coffee sample that we’ve already purchased our super cheap pastries and just really want coffee because the Starbucks we just came from didn’t have any hot water. I could tell she wasn’t sure if she should react positively or negatively. We quickly asked if they hot water in the building. They did.


We encountered another awkward situation at the counter. After ordering our Asian Dolce Lattes (mine hot and grande, Jamie’s iced and grande and decaf), we requested that they heat up our pastries, since this would have been just as normal of a request at the last place where we bought the things but didn’t get our lattes because they didn’t have hot water. Our request was of course honored, but then the lady began to ring up our discounted pastries – AGAIN! We obviously weren’t going to pay for sales items twice, so Jamie and I explained the situation and Jamie even took out her receipt.

Asian Dolce Latte

It was quite humorous, mostly because of the unusual nature of the situation. 

Finally, we were settled down on comfy chairs, lattes in hand, discounted pastries warmed and ready to be consumed. It was a lovely coffee date. The journey made us feel like we deserved the whole experience a little bit more.

Lattes and discounted pastries

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