facebook convos

Today, I was able to participate in one of my all-time favorite facebook conversations to date.

For those of you don’t know, facebook is a social network that allows members to communicate and stay connected via personal messages, wall posts, pictures, groups, events, birthday calendars, etc..,. It’s become quite the extensive network over the years. Each member of the community gets a facebook profile and a “wall” upon which he or she can post daily thoughts and musings, photos, links, videos, etc..,. for all to see according to individual privacy settings. We mustn’t take knowledge for granted!

This is one of my favorite conversations because it only happens to foreigners who have moved away from their homeland.

Context: I had just shared an intriguing read a friend passed on. You can read it to by clicking here. It was about Chipotle’s secret menu that doesn’t exist.

More context: I live in Taiwan, where Chipotle doesn’t exist. (There are other places like it, but the chain itself conducts no business in the Eastern hemisphere as far as I’m aware.)

Some social context: the members of this conversation represent different parts of my life – a friend from back home, a friend from work, a friend my dragon boat team.

And just to make sure you don’t miss anything, Tian Mu is an area in the city of Taipei where the population of expats and foreign families and Western imports is quite high. All right. Now if I have explain any more about this and why it’s HILARIOUS, you might be a lost cause. 

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