The stars had completely aligned with fate. She sat, in a perfect state of contentment, surrounded by love.

This was the meaning of friendship. This was the meaning of life. This was the inspiration everyone needed for the power to live each day of their lives. It came from this.

From moving forward.
From being bold.
From opening up.
From the raw experiences of life’s inertia.

The best part was that it wasn’t anything like she expected. In fact, it wasn’t like anything anyone had ever told her. And it was because no one could explain this. One had to encounter it. 

The ironic thing about life, she realized, is that heavenly encounters only come after one has been through hell. There are people who remain in a state of mediocre existence, never falling hard enough to experience truth.

Truth only comes to those in need. Honesty is the only way to progress. Friendship and love are always worth the fight – and the surrender. She took all three of these by the hand and ran, completely and truly connected.  

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