Today was Saturday. What did I do with this particular Saturday? I got back in a boat, went into work, and had a focused dinner with a friend. It’s interesting, because when I sit back and think about this particular day I can see that all three aspects of my life were at play: sports, work and ministry.

Dragon boat practice! 

My morning started off with sports. I went back to dragon boat practice today after about 2 1/2 months of doing other things with my weekends. Now that the year of the Snake has started, it’s time to prepare for the competition that takes place every year in June on the day of Dragon Boat Festival. This is my absolute favorite Taiwanese holiday. We are Team Max, and we like to win! (That “max” happens to be short for maximum and gets translated into Chinese as ultimate or extreme.

After practice, I ate Vietnamese for lunch with some team members and then made my way back to Ximen, where I showered and got on bus 235 to head to work.

(I stop at Starbucks, because 7-11 was washing their coffee machine, and I just had this craving. Unfortunately, it was a 買一送一 day. That means “buy 1, get 1 free.” So I ended up waiting for almost half an hour for two lattes, and of course I only drank one. Because I get to work and find my boss already bought me a coffee!)

Earlier this week, I told my boss I would help her with a Mother’s Day project and she needed models of craft ideas by Monday. Today was defer work day anyway for most Taiwanese people with jobs, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal to go in on a Saturday as well and get some work done. So that’s what I did!

I really wish now that I took a picture of all the stuff made, because it was GOOD! My boss was happy.

On the way home, I ran into one of my regular conversation buddies at the bus stop. We both ride the 235 to and from work. We literally catch up with each other’s lives every conversation. I got to hear about how his little babies are doing (he has two kids now, both half-Taiwanese), and I told him about my CNY travels. Telling him that my pastor and pastor’s wife are expecting in May gets us into a conversation about the Catholic church and rules for pastors vs. priests, which leads into a conversation about church in America vs. Taiwan. He had a lot of questions about Jakarta, which were fun to answer as well. It was a really good bus conversation!

Back in Ximen, I headed to Choir, our favorite neighborhood burger joint. Caleb (my co-leader for Wednesday night small group) took our friend Afra out for dinner. We wanted to especially talk to her about some opportunities and challenges for spiritual growth and discipleship at church. I love that girl, and I’m super excited for her and her future.

Days like this remind me that I don’t really have it bad at all. And that reminder keeps things in perspective. Thank God for Saturdays.

In conclusion, I didn’t really do much on this particular Saturday. I did just enough. And in between, I surprisingly found time to relax…and read…and work on projects…and write this blog.

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