5 Little Monkeys

Today was an interesting day of class for me. I actually decided to follow the grammar lesson with an application activity. I usually just keep ploughing through book work, which, I realize, can be detrimental to both students and teacher; so I decided to be intentional this time. Categorize it as a “first semester of the year of the snake” kind of thing.

The British (mind you) grammar lesson was the correct usage of questions and answers using the “have got.” After some drawing on the board, some teaching from the front of room, some patrolling of the students’ progress, and checking completed work, I collected all their books and sent them to break. After break time, I instructed them to remove these perforated flash cards from the back of their phonics books. I then had them use them to play this rather non-competitive and mediocre card game  that required card-trading and “Have you got…” question asking. I came up with game off the top of my head. They got incredibly focused (even my energetic ones) on the game and trading and sorting cards that I even let the game cut into snack time. Why stop education when they’re actually enjoying it!

The students kept saying “Do you have…?” (hm, I wonder why!) but being the proper British grammar teacher that I am, I insisted that they use “Have you got…?” It was an activity catered to a specific lesson, besides!

I still gave them their snack time, of course, after which we embarked on our weekly Thursday third period adventure of ABC Mouse. After listening to and watching the song “Ten in a Bed,” I felt inspired to show them

5 little monkeys jumping on a bed

One fell off and bumped his head

Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

THEY LOVED IT. All for one student, anyway. But as for the other kids, they were singing, clapping, jumping. Totally engaged. I just loved how engaged they were. I need to teach the more English mesmerizing and repetitive chants like this.

My students remind me of those 5 little monkeys jumping on a bed…

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