He drew her in. She came closer and closer. As the distance between Him and her decreased, the air around her grew warmer, brighter. She needed to close her eyes if she was to go on. And on she went, because she knew He would not hurt her.

Suddenly her face felt wet. As she brought her hands to her face, she realized she was crying. Why was she crying? She couldn’t control it. She was no longer in control. The closer she came to Him, the more control she lost.

Then she began to feel pain. It started out like a burn, an extreme heat that was burning her skin. Yet the pain wasn’t physical. She kept going. She felt her flesh, her muscle, her bone being burned away. There was nothing left.

She screamed. A powerful light was piercing her eyes, her soul, lighting up her entire being. Nothing was hidden. She saw Him. He saw her. Just as she thought she might run away, He picked her up, held her.

“I love you.” And she knew she could trust Him.

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