Ah, yes. My favorite part of any trip: unpacking. I got back from the airport this morning around 9 o’clock. And since then, I’ve been unpacking physically and emotionally. It’s one of the things I do for myself after a trip – one more day to just be at home to rest and UNPACK, with myself and with people.  

I spent the entire day at home unpacking – unpacking clothes to throw in the laundry, unpacking gifts to give to friends, unpacking stories and feelings and experiences. I was able to see both roommates this morning. And then after a laundry/lunch run, I skyped with both of my parents. In the evening, I hung out with friends, eating pizza, swapping travel stories, watching our favorite TV shows and drinking super sweet wine. 

Unpacking is a process that not everyone takes the time to do. I experience so many new things when I travel, it’s impossible to just jump into the next thing. Well, maybe it’s possible, but it’s not healthy. I feel like after 3 1/2 years of living here in Taiwan and exploring the not-American world around me, I’ve done a lot of unpacking. 

Going new places reveals new and old things about myself, things that might have been previously unknown, things that need to be shared, things that I need to let go. For example, I was gone for almost two weeks. In that time, I had acquired a lot more material items that I needed to carry around with me. My bags were a lot heavier than when I started. In fact, I only had one bag when I started and ended up acquiring a new one on the way! These bags were filled with souvenirs, gifts for loved ones, new clothes, dirty clothes, documents. When I got home, some of these things needed to shared, given away, cleaned, scrap-booked, recycled or thrown out. All of it needed to be unpacked.

When you don’t unpack, life simply becomes to heavy. Emotionally and physically. So I’ve made it a habit of unpacking, and it takes time. And then afterwards, life feels fresher, brighter, more beautiful. Totally worth it.

I love unpacking. 

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