passing through

She was passing through new worlds, yet at the same time they were all familiar. All of her experiences were new. Some of her moments were shared. Others solo. 

Her colors were changing. They always did when she passed through other worlds. Her experiences reminded of her long lost truth, of certainties she was no longer certain of. Reality was re-settling all around her. But it had been enhanced. Renewed. Broadened. 

As she passed through these new worlds, she was also exchanging pieces of herself for fresh knowledge. And although she would give some of herself up, she found that with each exchange, she grew. She grew in strength, in beauty, in compassion. Each exchange added to her life.

She could never control the speed at which she passed through. She only had two choices: to move or not move. It was always a waste of time when she tried to look back, because then she would miss what was right in front her. That’s why these exchanges were so important. It was the only thing she could do, leave a piece of her heart with these people who were changing her life. 

She continued her journey. There were more worlds up ahead, and there was no way to know when it would all end. 

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