Packing, among other final arrangments

Today was the final day of an extremely long semester of school for me. Extremely long. Now it’s over, and tomorrow I’M OFF!

I’m getting on a plane tomorrow morning, after a 2 1/2 hour nap, an am traveling over my Chinese New Year vacation. There are three destinations that lie ahead of me: Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bali.

Just this last week, I secured my lodgings at all three locations. Now, it’s time to explore them. And visit some old friends along the away. It’s my three-tiered Chinese New Year adventure.

I’m a little nervous!

It’s already been a late night of packing. Tomorrow is an early morning. In fact, I should end this now.

Closing remarks:
This is going to be first solo abroad trip in a while. I’m excited about getting on that plane, all by myself, headed to places I’ve never been before. I will be keeping ALL OF YOU posted. Keep reading!


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