Ever feel a complete lack of inspiration? 

  1. Google image the most beautiful places earth. 
  2. Look up a Guinness world record. 
  3. Give the next friend you see a long hug.
  4. Read something you’ve written.
  5. Read a book. 
  6. Write a letter to a friend that you never see but are close enough to that they would completely appreciate a detailed description of your bedroom in its current state.
  7. Go running.
  8. Go on a hike.
  9. Google a recipe of something you’ve never made and make it right then. If you don’t have the ingredients, go to the store immediately and buy them.
  10. Open your window and scream hello to the world and anyone else who might be listening.
  11. Make a checklist of things you’ve already done (who says you can’t do this?) and check them all of as quickly and passionately as you can, both releasing and kickstarting a fresh flow of motivation within you. 
Let me know how it goes. 

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