reruns… or not

She had been here before, hadn’t she? Then why did it look so different? She couldn’t recall any familiar impression, any familiar memory. She didn’t even remember how she arrived and left the first time. 

It must not be the same place. It must not be the same place.

But if it was the same place, then the end would be in sight. Yet she didn’t want this to end. She wanted to stay. She looked around for a place to sit. 

She could stay here, right? Because it wasn’t the same place. It’s not the same place. 

The other place was poison. The other place was a lie. The other place held on to her and when it finally spit her out, she tried to run away from everything. 

So where was she now? She hadn’t found a place to sit yet. It began to scare her. Because she wanted to stay. She wanted to stay so badly. It wasn’t the same place. This couldn’t be the same place. 

Everything felt so different. 

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