Laughter: it’s good for the soul, truly

“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”

-Horace Walpole, via Good Earth tea tags

I was reminded today of how awesome laughter is. I, along with some other teachers, am going to be teaching a special winter program class in the mornings (I’m essentially getting paid to watch movies – more about that in a later post that I shall write when it is actually happening), so there was a special training meeting today about the curriculum for program. One of my best friends who also teaches English at the same school leads a lot of curriculum-related meetings, so I was her biggest fan in the audience from the back row. Having friends seriously makes all the difference most days. 

Anyway, there were a lot of laughs exchanged in that back row where I was sitting, and it was wonderful, because it’s the only way to survive sometimes. One goes crazy when there are too many serious moments.

It was also wonderful because of the comradery in the room. We’re all English teachers with both epic and disastrous teaching stories, petty and important complaints, and a serious enough interest in education to be teaching at a school like BigByte.

And this is my student story about laughter:

I had a tutor class with a student this afternoon. He’s a great kid, super smart, picks up on everything you say to him. His mom is rather particular about his English education, as well.

Anyway, he was having problems with his pencil, so I decided to help him. I made this big show with the pencil sharpener (it’s a manual) and spun the little thing around as fast as I could with an exaggerated expression on my face for dramatic effect. HE GOT THE BIGGEST KICK OUT OF IT! He couldn’t stop laughing. It was awesome. And then he would even laugh about it to himself at random times during class. I think I repeated the performance for him a couple of times just because.

The things kids laugh at. It motivates me to make sure I’m laughing at things, too. You can never forget that life is funny if you let it make you laugh! One thing that I give myself the freedom to do EVERY time in class is laugh with my students. I’ve literally stopped everything and just laughed. 

So here I am, finally finished with all those reports about my student’s midterm exams (just finished my level 6 class – there were 13 of those beasts to rake through, but I’m pretty proud of how I methodically ripped through all of them) and feeling rather good about my teaching job in general. I think this is a good place to be. (Especially since this feeling won’t last very long at all…)

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