Songza & Stinky Tofu

It’s 9:27pm on a Saturday night, and I’M IN BED. My contacts are out, the leopard pajama pants have been donned, and the first song my Songza bedtime playlist of male vocals gave me was Yellow by Coldplay. LOVE that song. It’s been a long day of finishing up projects, picking up more, walking nature trails in the rain, and worship practice. And I still have those student reports to do by Monday…

Why am I here? I feel like crap. I think I have a fever, my throat has been itchy all week, definitely have a headache and my appetite is non-existent. Except for maybe fruit. But I wasn’t about to eat and pay for 500NT (15USD) of fruit at hot pot, which is where a lot of my friends are now, feasting their guts out on all you can eat and drink EVERYTHING: meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, tea, beer, soda, milk, coffee, ice cream. You name it. The catch? You cook all of it yourself either in a pot or on a grill at your table. 


Have I told you about hot pot before? Here are four super fun photos of our Christmas Eve Eve Eve meal that my friend Belinda Lin took from the other side of the table:

You get the idea. It’s a glorious and colorful festival of food…but it was the last thing I wanted to do tonight. :-/

It might have been that freaking STINKY TOFU SAUSAGE I accidentally bought today. I ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHT A STINKY TOFU SAUSAGE. It was hilarious. Here in Taiwan, they sell super yummy sausages on the streets all the time. Today, that rainy nature walk I mentioned earlier was in a place called Wulai. It was so rainy. The rain never stopped. 

Me, the tricked consumer

Anyway, I was hungry because I didn’t get any breakfast due to working on a project all morning. And I saw sausage! So I told the guy I wanted sausage. All my friends were waiting, so I asked if it was almost ready. The guy took this opportunity to ask me if I had ever eaten sausage in Taiwan before. I said I had. Then he asked me if I had eaten stinky tofu in Taiwan before. I also replied that I had. He then smiled and informed that this (the thing I bought) was stinky tofu INSIDE a sausage! 

At first, I just silently looked at the guy in shock. (I say silently, because I didn’t show anybody that I was shocked.) Then I looked at the sign hanging on the table, and sure enough, there it was: Stinky Tofu Sausage. 

Moral of the Tale: Upon a sighting of sausage, read the sign first. Then, and then only, decide wether or not you wish to consume it. 

Traveller’s Tip of the Tale: You can find stinky tofu sausage in Wulai. 

All I want right now is cold, cold and more cold moving down my throat right now all I want is cold, cold and more cold moving down my throat right now all i want…

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