Theory & Reality

In theory, going to the bathroom should be a great escape from the noise and annoying energy of my students. In reality, they call my name outside of the bathroom door with assignments in hand waiting eagerly for my approval and release to their next step in life WHILE I’M ON THE POT. One time a student even asked me if I was OK. Sweet, kid. Real sweet.

In theory, having enough worksheets and bookwork prepared for your students to do should eat up any spare time they might find to be naughty. In reality, the smartest and slowest of students can dismantle a teacher’s best-laid plans, either through annihilating the work in record time or simply by asking question and after question after question after question after question…you get the idea.  (Note to self: not all worksheets are effective.)

In theory, there is no such as a stupid question. In reality, REALLY!!!????! DID YOU REALLY JUST ASK ME THAT?! TURN ON YOUR BRAIN!

In theory, spanking could be considered child abuse in some circles. In reality, anyone who supports that theory has never worked with children and has only watched really sad movies about kids in rough home situations. There is something to be said for educational systems that allowed teachers to physically punish students. Not sure what there is to be said, but there’s something.

In theory, lesson plans are useful tools to keep the teacher organized and the class on task. In reality, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

In theory, education changes lives. In reality, it’s either building up or tearing down my character one painfully naughty student at a time…

In theory, the English language is a beautiful thing. In reality, it is TOO well sought after and I would really like to just keep it to myself sometimes.

One thought on “Theory & Reality

  1. When I was still in school in Taiwan, back when I was first/second grade (after which I went to the US where the only spanking allowed was by the principal, and you have to be REALLY naughty for them to do that), teachers could spank you for not doing your homework, etc.

    So we never forgot our homework back then.

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