TGIF – the letters, not the restaurant

It’s Friday, a SUPER GOOD day to reflet on the highligts and darklights of this thankfully short week. (Taiwan got a four-day weekend for New Year’s this year, so there was only school on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.)

Let’s start with a DARKLIGHT shall we?

darklight: Due to running out of time and a student’s absence, I still had a couple of these DRA2 exams to administer to students. Administering these suckers is kind of time-consuming and tedious process. I have to leave my classroom full of students save for one test-taker to the care of the cameras and the worksheets I provide to keep them busy. It takes a lot of work to prepare all of that busy work, needless to say. And then leaving the students alone (in my classroom, anyway) always leads to some kind of disaster I have to clean up later. Ok fine, I exaggerated a little.

highlight: It was a three-day week! And it started on a Hump Day, which meant starting out with lunch with my favorite friend to have lunch on Hump Day with.

darklight: Watching two students in particular run around out of control in my head, in my dreams, in my classroom.

highlight: “John, just go get a freaking English book!” I loudly say to the student who insists on selecting a Chinese book from the library. John answers with a question of course, because he is ALWAYS defying authority, “Teacher, what is freaking?” “JOHN, just get an English book!”

darklight: Being notified of some mother-of-a-tutor-student problems that were brewed because certain information that was not communicated to me. The result? More teaching hours next week to compensate for the “wrong.”

highlight: At my school we have these magic fish that live in the freezer that come out every time the children hurt themselves. They work like magic, and the child who receives a magic fish stops crying immediately upon reception. My tutor student needed one this week after he slammed his hand on his desk.

One of my junior high students tonight pinched the flesh on her hand by playing with this hinged-ruler contraption. It was time to pull out a magic fish, so I fetched one for her. Then something strange happened. After a few minutes, the magic disappeared. So I got a new one for her that was magical again. It’s strange, though. After only a few minutes of being out of the freezer AND man-handled, these fish seem to lose their magic.

darklightMy attempted resolution of no more shouting at my students in 2013 jumped out of the window and killed itself.

highlight: Teacher, you have 1,000 faces.” This is one of my most expressive junior high students. She gets freaked out by music she feels is disturbing.


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