pull back

And this is where she pulls back.

The sky is the only thing with no limit, and she is only human; so now she must pause. 

Her limit has been drawn. She has yet to reach it, but she sees it. Until then she exerts everything, all of her energy must be poured out, for the end is in sight. 

Reciprocation has ceased to matter. Expectations are deemed useless. In pessimism she finds a surprising strength: she won’t be disappointed. 

And now she moves forward, the conclusion of the whole matter awarding her with freedom. She hates not knowing what comes next, but she’s already come so far without the privilege of that knowledge. So it shall continue to be.

Everything feels subdued and peaceful right now. She doesn’t not want to be disturbed. She needs no one to push her forward when she has decided to pull back. 

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