100 Ideas to SAVE MY LIFE

100 ideas

I found this book in the teacher’s room the other day, threw it in my bag to bring home, and started reading the other day. Two words: LIFE. CHANGING.

As I read the words of this book, I literally feel life washing over me. New life. New teaching life. I’m being encouraged. I’m being inspired. I’m being motivated. I’m being reminded of what it means to be a teacher. I needed to read this book.

Just a few things that have already ignited life-changing sparks:

Build up a profile of students’ interests. She said this one would take patience, along with some time, to build up but that it’s completely worth it in the long run. Apparently it happens to be much more effective to use their personal interests to motivate them than spoon feeding them sentence patterns for the next writing assignment.

If you feel fed up before a lesson pretend to be happy for about five or ten minutes. A remarkable thing happens: you do become happy. Smiling helps, as well. And this is so true. SUCH a good reminder.

Star of the match. This was a really practical tip reminding me of the importance of awarding students for good behavior and not letting punishment become the center of the classroom’s discipline system. It’s rather easy to ignore good behavior and then attack the bad behavior with all of your passion and fiery. Unfortunately, it’s also important to separate the child from the behavior, which is another of one of the 100 points in the book and one I forget often.

Stop shouting. This is officially one of my 2013 resolutions. I’m sure if my boss is reading this (which she just might be), she might be a little more proud of me than she was a few minutes ago.

There you have it, my current reading material. 100 ways to save a TEACHER’S LIFE. 

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