7 trips (No, not seven trips, trips to the 7-ELEVEN convenience store)

One of my favorite things to do with my students is taking them to the neighborhood 7-ElEVEN for their big post exam treat. I’ve set up an award system in my class that allows students to earn checks which accumulate to become points. These points accumulate to become award cards and 10元 coins. These 10元 coins accumulate in the class jar and become the students’ evenly shared spending money for the 7-ELEVEN trip.

These trips are the highlight of my semester. 

I took my Level 1 class to 7-ELEVEN today. There are seven students in the class, and this semester they all got 45元 each. It’s good budgeting practice for them, and it’s great to watch them peruse the store to make their choices.

Today was particularly fun because of an interaction with a foreigner who happened to also be in the store making a purchase. One of my students (his name is Ethan, he’s half Korean, half Taiwanese – the mother is from Korea) had discovered his eyes were bigger than his 45元 budget after he dropped a whole bunch of snack food on the counter only to find out “你錢不夠.” (Translation: You don’t have enough money.) He had to go do his math again. As Ethan began to do his math again and re-peruse the store, he dropped his coins all over the floor.

“OH NO! MY MONEY! MY MONEY!” he cried, as he slid onto his knees across the floor passionately gathering his coins. The foreigner in the store waiting for either his hotdog or some other food to be heated was laughing his head off watching the kid. It was hilarious. I laughed with him. Everyone was little tickled by the scene. When the foreigner was on his way out, we exchanged sincere smiles and good-byes. It was a true “Hey, you take care and have a nice life” moment.

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