To fear or be free…THAT is the question.

We all have our crazy moments. It’s true. These moments come in many different shapes and forms: anger, stress, depression, addiction, fear, binging, violence, compulsive behavior. There is really no end  to what people can feel or do – is there anyone who can claim to have reached the maximum of human experience?

This lack of knowledge of what we are even fully capable of can either frighten us or free us. And the same can be said of the unknown. Do we choose fear or do we choose freedom? And the exact same thing can be said about life.

Life is not our friend. It is our context of existence. Life circumstances are not sensitive to our own personal needs, goals, or desires in any way, shape or form. I’ve learned recently that I need to accept this. And through accepting this, I’ve learned that I must let life be my teacher, not my enemy. If I learn from the circumstances that I face, I will make progress. If I make life out be my enemy, I will be miserable. 

Our circumstances can make us crazy. But that’s not the end. As long as we are moving and breathing and existing on this earth, every single one of us still has the chance to keep moving forward and experience what we have yet to experience about being human. The current situation is truly not the end, but if we focus on the fear, we won’t be free to live. 

We will all have our crazy moments. It’s true. Seemingly unquenchable flames of hurt. Explosions of rage and frustration. Mountains of stress and unresolved emotional tension. Tidal waves of failure and confusion. Deep, dark valleys of grief and depression. Some of these moments are brief and disappear in the morning. Some may feel endless and rob you of sleep and joy.

But these crazy moments are really not the end. Fear can be conquered. We are all meant to be free. 

I’m going to close this post with something that I don’t usually do in my blogs. A song. Listen to the music. Read the lyrics. And whatever circumstance you are facing in life right now is, choose freedom. Choose to be free. 

The Fold”
by Ivan & Alyosha

All the years that you have wasted
Now you want ’em all back
Long ago you stopped counting
Because you couldn’t keep track

You were faced with a future
That was bright as the Sun
But the pressure, it was melting,
You decided to run, run away

Which direction does the wind blow
In the valley there below?
And brother, how should I know
The way that you should go?

There’s a dream on the horizon
That’s calling out your name
‘Better go and find your reason
‘Better find your claim to fame

Don’t you fold
When the mountain is high,
When the river is wide
Don’t you fold
When you’re out of your mind,
When you’re walking the line

An oasis in the desert
Where the waters run clear
And the only way to see it
Is to believe that it’s there

Well, we always fight our battles
No matter where you came
So, be done with your excuses;
You’re the only one to blame

And all this time,
I was living a lie
I was lost and petrified,
But I know that things
Could change in time
All the years dreams can buy
Between the heart and the mind

Don’t you fold

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