The Year of the Dragon…FRUIT

I love fruit. I find it hard to eat enough fruit. A couple years ago, I found a little “mom-&-pop” fruit shop around the corner from my apartment that I started frequenting. I usually buy my fruit from there or the morning market, and as a result probably pay a little more for my fruit; but there’s just something about the experience for me. And for the last year or so, I’ve been faithfully using the blender to make every kind of fruit smoothie combination that comes to mind.

Recent favorite: dragon fruit + banana + kiwi with a hint of cactus juice extract. 

I picked up a red dragon fruit from the place around the corner and consumed it over a course of two days. It’s a substantial piece of fruit, so I would only use half of it in one smoothie.

(I apologize if you suddenly find I’m disclosing too much information. Please know that my purpose is not to offend.)

I found myself compelled to over-consume water the same two days I was eating dragon fruit for breakfast. I was compelled to do this, because I’m aware that discolored urine is a sign of dehydration. And I was beginning to fall under the impression that I was rather dehydrated.

Then, for the serious moment of confusion: even when I pooped, everything in the toilet seemed to be discolored. And then I discovered, on day two of the dragon fruit consumption, THAT MY POOP WAS PURPLE AND MY URINE WAS PINK. I ran out of the bathroom and, after a frantic google search, learned that this was direct result of eating red-fleshed dragon fruit.

You learn something new every day. You know what “they” say: the more you know, the more you know.

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