So familiar, yet everything that kindled this familiarity is lost, gone, missing somehow. After all these years, connections have faded, colors have changed.

Yet familiarity is still there. And this is what I know. What makes me feel safe. What calms my spirit and grants me temporary contentment.

But it’s only temporary. 

Here, in this realm of aged familiarity and faded connection, I re-discover myself. I come upon the rubble, the ashes, the cinder of what was once my life. Of what once defined my existence, framed my everyday routine. 

Then one day, like a forest fire sweeping across acres of grass and forest, the flames of transition and change came upon me and ushered me into a new beginning, a new definition of existence, a new framework for the daily rhythm of life. 

From the rubble and ashes and dead stumps, self was re-discovered. Scenery changed, the columns of intelligence and pillars of spirituality shifted. The seasons began a fresh

…and here I am now. Re-discovering the landscape that fell victim to one of life’s forest fires three years ago. Re-discovering everything that has taken root while I moved on, chased away by the winds and the flames (or drawn, rather), to take root elsewhere. 

It is all so beautiful, and though the shape of my blossom and the bend of my leaves sharply contrast with the native foliage, I am not a stranger.

The re-discovery settles in all around, and I am embraced. 

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