I found $5 dollars in my pocket.

In my current Asian context, this would be more like finding 200NTD in my pocket; but that’s actually completely beside the point since I’m not using this expression in the literal sense at all. That’s right, folks, I’m going metaphorical!

Thursday, March 1, was actually the new Tuesday since Taiwan gave us a posh (and rainy) 4-day weekend due to 2/28, which is the rough equivalent of Memorial Day for this country. However, 2/28 fell on a Tuesday. Because of this, It just made more sense to go ahead and give us Monday off as well, so everybody felt less awkward about the timing of the whole situation and then call us all back to work on Saturday. So Saturday, March 3, posing as the new Friday, became my first “defer work day” here in Taiwan.

But alas, I’ve already digressed. The point is that, on said Thursday, I found $5 in my pocket – TWICE, in the metaphorical sense, that is. The first find had to do with my phone. When I left my house for work that day, I was convinced that I had left my phone at home. Upon this discovery, I accepted it and continued my day in the freedom of no phone.

Later that day, however, when I was in my classroom, perched on my throne as a teacher, the entire throne was suddenly undergoing an earthquake. The epicenter happened to be my phone, planted snug at the bottom of my bag, undetected by me when I left the house.

It was kind of nice, discovering I hadn’t left my phone at home after all. I let the person who called me know that.

Then, before my second class of the afternoon began, I began experiencing a subtle but profound craving for chocolate. I happened to be messing with my bag at that moment and suddenly discovered half of a dark chocolate bar I had placed in an outside pocket of my bag that morning! Such a subtle craving had never been so sublimely satisfied and it was all because of the metaphorical $5 dollars I had found in my pocket.

So there you have it. The day I metaphorically found $5 in my pocket – TWICE. Life really is about the little things.

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