The Power of Help

This blog is dedicated to the people who I cannot imagine my life in Taiwan without. 

I asked for help last night, and it virtually saved my life. I was going under, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, feeling pulled in every possible direction, fighting with myself to stay focused on the present. I was truly on the edge of a mental break down. I was about to burn out. I needed intervention.

So I asked for it, and the weight of a thousand worlds (because that’s generally how us project/task/goal/accomplishment whores feel when our world is caving in) was lifted.

Basically, in brief and high dramatics for the sake of entertainment purposes, here was my situation. About 4 weeks ago, I created this vision for an awesome event that was going to change lives because everything from design to atmosphere was going to be so well-crafted that people were bound to be back for more. It’s the grand-opening party for our coffee shop. And 4 weeks ago, this might have all been feasible, but life’s events have their way of paralyzing me mid-motion sometimes (it’s a problem for those of us who live too fast), and as a result, the time gap rapidly decreased, as I watched it do so, and I was suddenly in need of a miracle and an overdose of anti-stress pills.

I needed help. 

So I turned to my team, and literally cried out in distress; and they, without hesitation, scooped me out of the pit of…self-destruction? Self implosion? Burning out? Probably all of the above. Here’s how it went in a nutshell:

Me: I suck! I have nothing planned! And if I try to plan it on top of everything else, everything else being everything else I feel like I need to do that I probably don’t, I will die! I will burn out! HELP ME!
My team: Got it. Consider event planned. Next!

This world is full of so many people who work themselves to death, and I refuse to be one of them. Because I don’t need to be. I am not my job. I am not my ministry. I am not my daily schedule. I am not my salary. I am not my bus route, the clothes I wear, my constantly growing and unfinished to do list. There is no need to burn out. But as soon as I get trapped by one of these things and start thinking my identity is out of line with the stars because one of these temporary things is out of place, I’m in a place I shouldn’t be.

Finally, this is the biggest, most important reason I don’t need to work myself to death: I have people. I am surrounded by family. My team has my back. I’ve been on this ministry for 2 plus years now, and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these are all people I can trust. That these are all people who care about me. That they are the people who want to help me. 

The English idiom is true: many hands make light work. There are a lot of hands in this world. Let’s not work ourselves to death, people.

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