Happy Chinese New Year!

2012 is the year something is going to permanently change in my life.

So, I’m going to look back and then move forward into the year of the dragon. January 23, 2012 was the first day of the Year of the Dragon, which means I am finally on vacation, people everywhere in this part of the world are celebrating Chinese New Year with family, and I finally have time to write. Here are, for the most part, the top ten moments of my life in 2011. And by Top Ten, I simply mean moments that impressed themselves into my memory a little more than the rest because of all the learning, the pain, the change, or the joy it might have induced. I’m not going in any chronological order here. I’m going by strength of impression. (These are all rather loaded events in my life, so if you’re interested, you can click on the line to read more.)

(1) Spending my grandma’s last moments here on earth with her.

(2) Seeing my mom for the first time in two years and throwing her a surprise birthday party here in Taiwan.

(3) Starting year number three of teaching English and feeling completely comfortable with the system, the students, my co-workers and myself.

(4) My birthday rooftop barbecue that 30 of the coolest people in Taipei showed up to, reminding me of how rich and diverse my social life has become over the last two years. 

(5) Having a man of faith prophecy over me on Easter Sunday that I am anointed as a mother of Taiwan. 

(6) Getting out of Taipei and actually travelling around the beautiful country of Taiwan, by myself and with friends.

(7) Having the feeling of settling sink into my soul a year and half after moving here when the Year of the Rabbit began last Chinese New Year. 

(8) Travelling to Korea with a Taiwanese friend to visit another Taiwanese friend studying in Seoul and speaking Chinese as an American tourist in Korea for most of the trip. 

(9) Finding my family in the people I serve with on a ministry team here with in Taipei and finding authentic community with the people I’ve been building relationships with since I moved here in July of 2009. 

(10) Designing the new logo for the Aroma Church and Coffee Shop. 

There you have it. My collection of 2011’s significant moments. Creating meaning is what moves us all forward. It’s all we can do or else, just like King Solomon reminds us in Ecclesiastes, everything is meaningless.

Also, I thought I was ready retire this blog, but I decided I’m not. So here’s a link to my latest gLoBaL pOnDeRiNg post. It’s called “on love, death and the other various colors of life.”


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