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Above: a screen shot I took on my phone at 1:01am. This is cool because we’re going into to 101st year of Taiwan this year AND the big building they shoot the fireworks from every year for New Year’s is called Taipei 101. 

Above: me with sparkler in hand as I anticipate the commencement of 2012 with friends. 

Here I am, 8 days into the new year, a full week into 2012, and I already feel like a failure. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. But I have literally had no time to even get started on my New Year’s Resolution! So I decided to do some re-evaluating, and this is what I came up with.

I thrive off new beginnings; I really do. I love Mondays (except for the ones that blow up in your face), I love the first days of new months that begin on a Monday or Sunday, I love the first day of vacation and first days in new places. I love the fact that I can walk into a virtually whole new reality with no past, no mistakes, no regret… not yet.

I have a couple resolutions for this year, and they both have to do with writing. And, ironically enough, I’ve been too busy to get started on either BECAUSE of another keen interest and career goal: graphic design. Up to yesterday morning, I had been consumed with signs for the coffee shop we’re opening up here in Ximen Ding. So all this to say, I’ve been forced to realize that I still am being productive and am not failing. I am moving forward with life in 2012!

And that’s really all we can ask for, isn’t it? To simply move forward every year, every month of the year, every week of the month, every day of the week, every minute of the day. Move forward and make every second count. And for all those time we feel like we’re moving backwards, there are always new beginnings and second chances. Like all those firsts I mentioned earlier.

This is a little bit difficult for an ideal perfectionist like me to swallow sometimes, but I can do it. And I AM doing it, in 2012!

Happy New Year, everybody!

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