It was hard for her to believe all the feeling he evoked by simply looking at her. She didn’t understand how his words could penetrate her mind like music and how his presence could captivate her attention without suppression. She resisted giving it to him, her attention, that is. To encounter such a wholeness in another human being felt so… unbelievable.
She felt like he saw her.
She was in awe of him, his posture, what he offered to the world. She was in awe of his mind, his voice, his mirth. She was content watching from a distance, but fate brought him just a little closer.
He was no distraction to her. She found this surprising, refreshing, different. She found herself more able than ever to set her focus on the task at hand. To live today. To be herself. This brought her relief. She was grateful for freedom.

She shook free from her feelings and continued to dance.

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