just between you and me: remember me

This is the final essay of a 5-part essay series discussing the connection between art and human relationships entitled “Just Between You & Me.”

I’m so far away now, and I don’t understand these feelings in my heart. I don’t understand how I can be so far away from all of you and be so close to these people here. I don’t understand how every day brings me a new kind of joy, yet talking to you every once in a while brings me an unexplainable and fresh confirmation that I am indeed known and understood in this world.
I’m so far away now, and it’s only because I have kept moving, going forward, setting one foot in front of the other, making progress one step at a time. And all that motion has brought me here, to this place, far away from you. I can’t stop. None of us have the power to stop life. It’s not our place. It’s not for us to know. We can only live it, and trust in the Source.
I’m so far away now, and yet I am so close. So close to my destiny. So close to changing the world. So close to the goal. So close to “growing up.” So close to people who know me, understand me, and desire to know and understand me.
I’m so far away now, because this physical world is limited by space and time zones and countries’ borders.
Sometimes, sentiments can be strong. Sometimes, I feel like my nostalgia is too noisy and overbearing. Sometimes, I find myself looking for away to go backwards, so I can start again, this time with you.

Then I remember you. Remember your words, your face, your friendship. Every breath of your existence that you selflessly shared with me. And these gifts are buried so deep inside of me that they are impossible to forget. They’ve become so tightly woven into my person that they are a part of what defines my existence.
I’m so far away now, and I know we’re both moving forward. And I will always remember you. Please remember me.

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